Joey Figaro

Designer, Founder, and Experience Evangelist

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I am a 28 year old designer from Richmond, VA - but I saw more trees than buildings growing up and take every chance I can get to drive to Ramsey's Draft and get lost in the woods. I started learning HTML at 12 but didn't pick up CSS until after I had started my career at an ad-agency doing print-production, web advertising, and voice acting.

I fell in love with startups over the course of a weekend last year and have worked with a handful of them to help shape their MVP. I love to teach teams when to say no and am interested in being the spark that initiates cultural change in an environment.

Currently, I work for Capital One during the day and Collegiate Plus, Ideas For Humans, Wordosaurus, Rabbit, and BLDR at night. When I'm not working I play Guild Wars 2 or think about buying a micro-controller to make my lizard's terrarium tweet about her lack of movement over a 24-hour period.